West Covina Elks

Nurturing the Full Potential of Our Children and Building Self-Confidence in Your Child

* Build your child's confidence and feelings of worth by focusing on
their strengths.

* Accept your children as they are. Don't make your love and
acceptance dependent on their behavior.

* Have faith in your children so they can believe in themselves.

* Recognize improvement and effort.

* Respect your children.

* Make positive statements to your children as often as possible.

* When disagreements occur, argue only about inaccurate facts or
statements. Remember, everyone has opinions. Sometimes we must agree
that we disagree.

* Avoid making children feel guilty about the tasks of growth --
especially the need to move away from you; avoid sarcasm and teasing
about their changing shapes, feelings or dates.

* Reach out and touch. A touch will communicate much more than just

* Make your home available to friends.

* Actively support groups they enjoy and encourage your children to
join constructive groups of their age.

* Allow children to develop responsibility.

* Be honest with your children. Honesty shows children you trust them.

* Deal with here-and-now issues. The past may serve to further block
communication within the family.

* Work on your own positive self-esteem. Smile! Be happy around your
children. Happy, well-adjusted human beings who genuinely care for
others make excellent parents.